Articles | Volume 12, issue 12
Research article
18 Dec 2012
Research article |  | 18 Dec 2012

Analytical investigation of a three-dimensional FRP-retrofitted reinforced concrete structure's behaviour under earthquake load effect in ANSYS program

F. Altun and F. Birdal

Abstract. In this study, a 1:3 scaled, three-storey, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) retrofitted reinforced concrete model structure whose behaviour and crack development were identified experimentally in the laboratory was investigated analytically. Determination of structural behaviour under earthquake load is only possible in a laboratory environment with a specific scale, as carrying out structural experiments is difficult due to the evaluation of increased parameter numbers and because it requires an expensive laboratory setup. In an analytical study, structure was modelled using ANSYS Finite Element Package Program (2007), and its behaviour and crack development were revealed. When experimental difficulties are taken into consideration, analytical investigation of structure behaviour is more economic and much faster. At the end of the study, experimental results of structural behaviour and crack development were compared with analytical data. It was concluded that in a model structure retrofitted with FRP, the behaviour and cracking model can be determined without testing by determining the reasons for the points where analytical results are not converged with experimental data. Better understanding of structural behaviour is analytically enabled with the study.