Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Brief communication
09 Feb 2012
Brief communication |  | 09 Feb 2012

Brief communication "An extreme meteorological event at the ISMAR oceanographic tower"

M. Bastianini, L. Cavaleri, and T. La Rocca

Abstract. We report the evidence of a remarkable meteorological event in the Northern Adriatic Sea. Following the irruption of cold northerly air into the previously hot and humid eastern part of the Po valley, a strong instability developed with violent thunderstorms. At the ISMAR oceanographic tower, 15 km off the coast of the Venice lagoon, although no one was on board, the records of 6 July 2008 from the various instruments coherently show the presence of an extreme and short-lived event that we associate either to a water spout or, more likely, to the strong downdraft of a mesoscale convective system