Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
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Research article
14 Mar 2011
Research article |  | 14 Mar 2011

Gravity wave amplification and phase crest re-organization over a shoal

N. Jarry, V. Rey, F. Gouaud, and D. Lajoie

Abstract. In this experimental work, both wave amplification and phase evolution, due to a submerged mound, are studied. In addition to the classical surface wave measurements, the experimental study takes advantage of photographs that underline crest re-organization above and down-wave the shoal. In particular, together with wave amplification up to more than twice the incident wave, a wave steepening is observed in certain conditions in both the wave direction and in the cross-section. Due to a phase crest separation downstream of the shoal, steepening in the cross-shore direction is enhanced (up to 30% above the steepening along the main direction of propagation). Physical aspects are discussed through the analysis of the diffraction effects on the wave properties.

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