Articles | Volume 10, issue 8
25 Aug 2010
 | 25 Aug 2010

Ionospheric anomaly due to seismic activities – Part 2: Evidence from D-layer preparation and disappearance times

S. K. Chakrabarti, S. Sasmal, and S. Chakrabarti

Abstract. We show evidences for anomalous ionospheric behaviour in the signal of Indian navy VLF transmitting station named VTX due to earthquakes in the South Asian region. We concentrate on the variation of the D-layer preparation time (DLPT) and D-layer disappearance time (DLDT) in a period of sixteen months and study their average behaviors. We identify those days in which DLPT and DLDT exhibit significant deviations. Separately, we compute the energy release by earthquakes during this period and show that "anomalous VLF" days are associated with anomalous energy release. We find that the anomaly and the deviation of DLPT and DLDTs from the mean are linearly correlated. We discuss the predictability in this approach and compare with the terminator shift approach using the same set of data.