Articles | Volume 1, issue 3
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 1, 127–136, 2001

Special issue: Seismic hazard evaluation - Part II

Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 1, 127–136, 2001

  30 Sep 2001

30 Sep 2001

Study of electromagnetic emissions associated with seismic activity in Kamchatka region

V. Gladychev1, L. Baransky1, A. Schekotov1, E. Fedorov1, O. Pokhotelov1, S. Andreevsky1, A. Rozhnoi1, Y. Khabazin1, G. Belyaev1, A. Gorbatikov1, E. Gordeev2, V. Chebrov2, V. Sinitsin2, A. Lutikov3, S. Yunga3, G. Kosarev3, V. Surkov4, O. Molchanov5,1, M. Hayakawa6, S. Uyeda7, T. Nagao7, K. Hattori7, and Y. Noda7 V. Gladychev et al.
  • 1Institute of Physics of the Earth Russian Academy of Sciences, 10, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 123995 Moscow D-242, Russia
  • 2Institute of Geophysical Survey, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far-East Branch, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Kamchatka, Russia
  • 3Institute of Geophysical Survey, Russian Academy of Sciences 10, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 123995 Moscow d-242, Russia
  • 4Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, 31, Kashirskoye road, 115409 Moscow, Russia
  • 5Earth Observation Research Center, NASDA, Roppongi 1-9-9, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106, Japan
  • 6Department of Electronics Engineering, The University of Electro-Communication, 1-5-1, Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182, Japan
  • 7RIKEN International Frontier Research Group on Earthquakes at Earthquake Prediction Research Center, Tokai University, 3-20-1, Orido, Shimizu,424-8610, Japan

Abstract. A review of data processing of electromagnetic emission observation collected at the Complex Geophysical Observatory Karimshino (Kamchatka peninsula) during the first 5 months (July–November, 2000) of its operation is given. The main goal of this study addresses the detection of the phenomena associated with Kamchatka seismic activity. The following observations have been conducted at CGO: variations of ULF/ELF magnetic field, geoelectric potentials (telluric currents), and VLF signals from navigation radio transmitters. The methods of data processing of these observations are discussed. The examples of the first experimental results are presented.